Latest pitches

Check out all the pitches our young dogs have worked on. Without these brands and organisations, we couldn’t exist. We love to see them as partners in concept crime. Just click on one of the logo’s to see all the work that is entered on that pitch.

Don’t see your logo up here? Click here, because we should definitely grab a coffee!


  • DDB & Tribal Amsterdam logo
  • Made For Digital logo
  • XXS logo
  • The Boardroom logo
  • dept logo
  • Qontentmatters logo
  • Artbox logo
  • Eigen Fabrikaat logo
  • TBWA logo
  • 180Kingsday logo
  • MediaMonks logo
  • Dawn logo
  • Ogilvy logo
  • Fitzroy logo
  • Boomerang Agency logo
  • Youngworks logo
  • VIRTUE (the creative agency by VICE) logo
  • Flexfirm logo
  • Roorda logo
  • 51 North logo
  • Achtung logo
  • Havas Lemz logo
  • Capitola logo
  • Born05 logo
  • Isobar logo
  • Alfred logo
  • Leo Q logo
  • The Odd Shop logo
  • Mensch logo
  • Lemon Scented Tea logo
  • Result logo
  • ARA logo
  • Sunshine and sausages logo